I decided to write an article about anxiety because it not only effect millions of people but it also effects us in relationships. First let me talk about anxiety. It's basically a chemical reaction in our brains that makes our heart race, makes us think obsessively about something or someone and it makes up even panic. How can such a powerful reaction make our day good or bad. When you become anxious you are processing your brain to react a certain way. In other words, you have control of what you think and what will make you anxious. The following ways will help you to take control of anxiety.

First when you begin to have an anxiety moment you start off with one thought. Within a few minutes that thought will lead you to a whole new path that will then create anxiety or a panic attack. I will talk about panic attacks later on but right now I want to talk about anxiety so you can avoid a panic attack. Within a few minutes you have your brain thinking of the worse. No money will come in, your going to lose your house, your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on you, etc. Then you begin to react to your anxiety.

The next step is reaction. This is a crucial point for you because many times when you react, you can burst a bubble and do or say things you will later regret. I have seen and heard this many times. From " I called him and bitched him out" " I went to his/her place and parked across the street to see who was there" " I sent the email or letter that  said I was not going to send". The list goes on. The power of reaction that anxiety creates can create remarkable results. This could be as bad as bringing the end of a relationship because the actions you take on at the moment when you are anxious can be damaging. If you have done damage control then you better prepare to apologize ASAP or start to analyze why you reacted that way.

The next step is guilt. You begin to feel guilty for reacting the way you did. Even if it was something as simple as calling someone late at night and they did not answer the phone, you still feel bad for even making the call. You know deep inside that if you were calm and relaxed you would of never made the call or even got in the car and driven to the location were the person will be. Even if you have a panic attack you will even feel guilt. You may cry or hate yourself afterwards because you reacted in a careless manner. Use this moment as a learning tool to start taking control of your anxieties.

Panic Attacks

A panic attack is a worse case of anxiety. It goes along with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. For one when you have a panic attack you think or feel like your going to die. I have seen people who feel they will have a heart attack any second because their heart is beating fast. They feel light headed. They even begin to feel nausea. Many times you feel you need a safe haven so you try to get to the place you feel safe which could be your home or the car. It's all about taking control. When you are in a place were you feel you have no control then you feel anxious and even have a panic attack. When you feel you can take control of something you feel calm. You have an adrenaline that race car drivers have when they are in a race. You need to make your time productive so you don't suffer from a panic attack.

Taking Control

In order to take control of your anxieties you must first learn to recognize what is going on. If you have experienced symptoms of fast heart beat and you have no medical heart condition. then its anxiety. Once you have discovered you are a anxious person you must then begin to take control of the anxiety. Here are a few ways to take control.

First take up a hobby or creative project that helps you to keep your mind active. Your goal is to not allow your brain to sleep. When it rest and you have nothing going on, you begin to work your brain to think . Remember this is what gets you in trouble in the first place.  If you pick up a hobby or new project your body will be focused on this new project and you will create a distraction. I kept myself busy by writing and I even got a puppy to keep me busy. It has worked so far because my new puppy has kept me so busy that I have not had time to think of the negative's in my social life.

Next, seek therapy. For many you may feel that therapy is not helpful but it is. Many times anxiety is there because of a deeper hidden issue laid from past events. You weren't able to control a part of your life so now you are trying to take control of it but the anxieties kick in so you drive yourself crazy. You will not believe how much therapy can help you. I went to therapy when my marriage was ending. I only went for a year but the therapist helped me to realize a lot of hidden issues going on that I didnt realize existed.

Finally, take control of you. Learn to accept responsibilities for your actions. When you get anxious you will find yourself blaming everyone else. Use this experience to learn to take control of who you are.


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