Astrology Readings $99

includes 12 month detailed forecast

Now includes 30-45min phone session

The Best Psychic Reading You Could Ask For

Major credit cards accepted

Want to know what to expect for the year to come. An astrological reading will do the trick. As a clairvoyant psychic I have worked with many that have wanted to know specifics on timing and details of an event. I can give you a chart reading that will help to narrow down details and time frames of what is to come. In order for this to be done, some information will be needed from you.

1) Your name(s) 2)Date of birth 3) Time of birth 4) Place of birth

Once this information is provided to me I can further look into events or specifics that are asked by you. Here are some of the questions that can be asked for a chart reading.

If there are some questions that cannot be answered, I will let you know but I will use my clairvoyance and clairsentient energies to look into further details to give you a more complete and accurate reading. This is probably the best and closest detailed reading you will ever get. Call or mail me and remember that for the price of such details you will save a lot in with future readings from many psychics combined. As a caring clairvoyant psychic, I offer you this for a very good price.

Astrological and Clairvoyant Reading  $99

30-45 min phone session

includes 12 month detailed forecast

Solar Return Report (free $20 value)

if your birthday is within 3 months before or

after date purchased



Major credit cards accepted

Call or Text me at 619-451-8364 for information regarding this reading.

  Email me or  to send me your birth information including date, time and place of birth after payment

don't forget to email me your questions

Note: Prepayment for reading is necessary. There is extensive time and energy put into the reading so I would like to be guaranteed that I am not wasting my time doing this. Also make sure that you ask your questions in the email and you include your birth information for the person(s) that the reading is being done for. A maximum of 2 people birth information can be included for every reading. After payment is made you will be directed to another page were you will fill out best time to set appointment. Once I confirm appointment you will be given the contact number to call me to start your appointment.