Compatibility Reading

Find out if they are compatible with you by purchasing a Romance Compatibility Report. This report is detailed in the aspects of what brought the two of you together. Find out if this relationship has the strength to keep the two of you together, no matter what struggles you two have faced in the past. This report is divided into four chapters.

Now includes 30 minute phone session

A Comparison of Lifestyles with Each Other

What Brought You Two Together

Destiny and Final Outcome of Your Relationship

Other Themes in Your Relationship


In order to receive this report I will need the following birth information from you:


Person 1: Name

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:

Time of Birth (optional):


Person 2: Name

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:

Time of Birth (optional)

You will also receive a 12 month detailed Compatibility forecast. A detailed forecast that combines both birth charts to make one detailed forecast (Free)

In additional I will personally answer the question " Are we meant to be together or not?:"

This will include my own analysis if this relationship is meant to be.

Now includes 30 minute phone session

Love Compatibility Report and Forecast $45

Email me or click here to send me your birth information including date, time and place of birth for both parties. Include both names too after payment. Once payment is made you will be redirected to an appointment form to fill out with best time for your reading. Once appointment is confirmed by me I will send you my contact phone number. Any questions or problems you can always email me at