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New Moon Solar Eclipse

November 25, 2011

The new moon Solar eclipse on November 25th will fall in the sign of Sagittarius. It is the sign that likes to be active and adventurous. Sagittarius is the sign that is optimistic and only looking at the positive side of life. Uranus supports the eclipse which brings a bit of fun and adventure.You will see your sense of humor increase and want to be around people who could bring you a great deal of laughter. You are also more open to taking greater chances in life. It could include your finances and your home. You may possibly have problems with taxes. You are more adventurous and outgoing. You find yourself being more mobile and flexible. Venus squares Uranus which can bring excitement, unpredictable events and sudden endings and beginnings. You can expect change and fluctuations of events. It may relate to your finances, career or relationships. Venus and Saturn do well during this eclipse, which can bring great financial stability and security. If you find a job around this time there is a great chance that you will keep this job for many years in the future. It can bring further opportunities for promotions and advancement. It could also open the door for you to expand your horizons and learn something new. You may also decide to take on a new career path. It is a time of change in a time of new opportunities for you. I feel that this would be a great time for you to learn something new and even go back to college to take on a new career path or to further your current career. You may experience a bit of anxiety and stress due to the fact that all these changes are coming for you. You are cautious and reserved and will focus on the details of a plan to move forward in life. At times, you need to take chances so you are not stagnant. If you are a Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo and Aquarius you will feel the eclipse on a personal level especially in love and relationships. Anyone born from the 1st through 10th of any month for any Sun sign will also feel the effects of this eclipse personally. Click on the link below to read where and how this eclipse will affect your sun sign.

Click on the link below to find out how this eclipse will affect your Sun sign.


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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

December 10, 2011

The full moon lunar eclipse on December 10, 2011 will fall in the sign of Gemini. The sign of Gemini rules communication, transportation, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, relatives including our aunts and uncles. It is also the sign of the twins as it represents two of something. It can make you a bit moody and a need to gossip. You may get involved with contracts and negotiations. There may be an increase of emails, text messages and phone calls. You may find that you or others will give double meaning or mixed messages. Try not to confuse people with double meaning as it can set off contradictions.

There is such great cosmic energy slowing around this full moon eclipse. For one, you have Saturn supporting this eclipse. It will create stability, security and a sense of discipline. Anywhere that Saturn falls in your chart or horoscope will bring great security to that house. If it happens to be your finances then you may easily see a long term job or financial opportunity that can help you make money in the furniture. It could be that build financial security for the long tern through savings or by budgeting and saving for the future. Neptune supports the eclipse as a time that heightens your artistic and creative skills and talents. It may be a time for you to craft and create. It really works well for people who are in music. You will be amazed at the creativity your artistic abilities will show at this time. Mars squares the full moon eclipse as this can bring problems from others or with other people including women. You may find yourself being angry and moody. It could be other people showing a negative side of themselves. The good news is that you are feeling much more energy and motivation to complete projects.

The full moon lunar eclipse will make you want to connect and communicate with others especially family and friends. You may find yourself being more active and motivated to succeed just try not to get aggressive or pushy. The eclipse effects everyone but especially those born between the 6th through 12th of any month from any Sun sign. It will especially Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo and Aquarius people in personal ways. It could be with a lover, partner, friends and social events.


Click on the link below to read where and how this eclipse will affect your sun sign.

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