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A Man's Type of Woman

His Venus/Moon Sign

Believe it or not the Venus sign and Moon sign that is in a man's chart actually describes what type of woman he is looking for in his life. He may not be aware of the type of woman he is looking for by his Venus sign. He will just find a pattern of specific women coming into his life.  Below you will read the different Venus and Moon signs and how it affects a man and the type of woman he seeks.


Venus/Moon in Aries- This guy seeks a love-at-first-sight type of love relationship. He wants to feel the rush in a relationship. He will fall in love fast but can also fall out of love just as quick. He wants an adventurous woman. She needs to keep him on his toes and always find something new and spontaneous to do or he will get bored easily. He may end up with several short relationships and marriages. Elizabeth Taylor has this Venus sign in her marriage house.

Venus/Moon in Taurus- Taurus is the ruling planet of Venus. They are devoted and seek a woman who is devoted to her partner. Venus in Taurus men want love to be there and won't settle for anything less. They want marriages, dedication and always seek loyalty. They may attract a stubborn woman but will also seek a woman who works hard for their money. This man may also look for a woman who is full-figured and enjoys cooking. He may enjoy spending more time at home than going out on dates.

Venus/Moon in Gemini- Communication is the key when this man is seeking a woman. He also will check out her hands and how she expresses herself. He wants a woman who will communicate with her. He will also like a woman who will be flirty with her words. He may easily like this woman to have a sexy voice or talk dirty to him during intimate moments.

Venus/Moon in Cancer- This man seeks a woman who loves the home. She also needs to be nurturing and supportive. He seeks a woman who may have many of his mother's traits or could even be a mama's boy. He will have a close tie to his mother and expects you to have a close tie to yours. He may expect you to have a close tie to his mother too. He will be home-bodied and have many gathering at home.

Venus/Moon in Leo- This man wants his woman to always take care of her appearance. Her clothes need to be neat and organized and she always needs to be stylish. He will seek a woman who maintains her beauty with makeup. Her hair is always styled and she seeks to be on top of the latest fashions. He may attract a woman who is dramatic or easily attracts drama. She may be in the entertainment field. He also may be attracted to a woman with children.

Venus/Moon in Virgo- He is attracted to a woman who is neat and organized. She needs to be clean and tidy with day to day routine. This man is also picky with his woman. He may always find something wrong with every woman he dates or fall sin love with. He is shy and may easily have woman introduce themselves to him. He attracts woman easily because of his shy exterior. He is a family man who does seek love and affection from his woman and children.

Venus/Moon in Libra- Libra is the ruling planet of Venus. He loves to be in love. He cannot be alone and chooses to be with women regularly. If he is alone then he can easily be depressed of being alone. He loves to receive affection and attention even if he is with another woman. He is devoted to his lover but can easily send off the wrong message to other women. They may think he is attracted to them and pursue him. Venus in Libra men are devoted to their women and will do anything to make them happy.

Venus/Moon in Scorpio- This is a man who gives passionately to his woman. He will be committed and devoted to her. The bad traits are that he may be jealous and possessive of her. He seeks a woman who has a karmic intense connection with him. He gives all and expects the same from her. She needs to be always available to him or else he may get jealous. He may be controlling and manipulative. This is a man who may like leather and latex or to experiment sexually. Any woman who gets involved with a Venus in Scorpio male must be open minded.

Venus/Moon in Sagittarius- The explorer. Adventurer. This man will be open to being with a woman who is from different culture or from a foreign country. She needs to be open to travel and adventure. He wants his space so expect to give him plenty of it. He likes to try something new and may be open to new adventures. Exercise and sports are important to him or he may always expect for you to be in good health. Take chances with this man as he wants his woman to take chances with him. This man will enjoy a woman who loves to learn something new on a regular basis.

Venus/Moon in Capricorn- Devotion and dedication are keywords of this man. He seeks a woman who is good with her money or knows how to make money. He seeks a woman whom he knows will always be devoted and loyal to him. Commitment is another word to describe him. He expect his woman to be the same way. He will be a great provider to the right woman. He may seek a woman in business or who runs her own business.

Venus/Moon in Aquarius- He wants his woman to be his friend. He may find love among his friends too. He also seeks space and the ability to come and go freely. He will be devoted to you but you need to trust him. He is open to long distance relationships. He may be eccentric or find a woman who is eccentric herself. He also seeks a woman who can talk provocatively to him. Words turn him on. He wants to have his space and will comfortable giving you space too. His friends are important to him so he will wants to spend time with them regularly.

Venus/Moon in Pisces- He if full of romance. He seeks a woman who is his soul mate and is very spiritual herself. He wants to feel a strong karmic connection to her. This man may have some codependency issues so be careful. He may attract a woman who is codependent on him or may have an addiction problem. He is artistic or may attract a woman who is artistic herself. This man is devoted may seek the love and affection of another if he feels neglected. Give him plenty of love and he will do the same for you too.