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Astrology Lesson: The Planets

In this lesson I will explain to you each planet and how they affect you as a soul. My belief is that every planet has it's own energy that affects you on a daily basis. Certain planets will affect you in a subtle way while others affect you strongly. Read how each planet affect you and your life.

The Sun: Ruler of Leo: The Sun rules the 5th house of love and children. It also rules creative project including music, theater and sports. It is the sign that wants to shine. Well it is the Sun. If you have any strong Leo aspects in your chart you will notice that without the Sun's energy you feel tired and drained of energy to get projects or work done. I have Leo rising so many times if there is not Sun due to rain I have no energy and feel lazy. The Sun gives us energy to fulfill daily activities. Your Sun sign gives you energy within that sign. Your Sun sign may be Pisces so the strong affects from Neptune will feed you energy. What house the Sun falls in your birth chart will also highlight your greatest attributes. For instance My Sun in Pisces is in my 8th house which is ruled by Pluto. All this energy has provided me with psychic abilities. One could say I should be a medium since Pluto/8th house rules death but I choose not to use that energy unless I decide to during a reading. Your Sun may fall in the 10th house highlighting career and business. always check where your Sun sign is at and what house it falls in and you will see it's greatest strengths in that house. If you are wondering where your Sun sign is at you can always request an astrology reading from me anytime.

The Moon: Ruler of Cancer: The Moon rules our emotions and moods. It rules women and our menstrual cycles. It rules how we feel and even how we sometimes think even though Mercury rules our thinking. Your moods change easily because the Moon travels a different sun sign every 2 1/2 days. You may be happy for one day and then sad by the next day. Your mood can easily change by different sun signs. Learn to control your mood and you will be able to know how to handle the Moon easily on a regular basis. The Moon rules the 4th house. I do not use any Moon transits on my astrology reading unless it's through progressions because moods change so easily and quickly. You can always read how the Moon affects you through my daily horoscopes by clicking here.

Venus: Ruler of Taurus and Libra. It is the planet that rules love and beauty. Whenever I study Venus in a chart I always look into how you will love. You first look to see where your Venus is located in your chart. You then look to see the ruling planet of that chart and where Venus is located. Finally you see the sign Venus is in your chart. For instance my Venus is located in my 6th house of work and service. Many astrology books state I should find someone at my workplace.  I met my last partner outside of my workplace. A year later we formed a business partnership. We did work together but in a different setting. Find where your Venus is located and the house it sits on. My study of charts for men I look at Venus to see what a man prefers for a female companion or marriage partner. Venus will tell us how we love and where to find love. Check out your Venus. You can always order an astrology reading from me and I can tell you where Venus is at in your birth chart. Venus can also rule money, material items and investments. Venus rules our 7th house of partnerships and 2nd house of earned income and finances.

Mercury: Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo. It rules communication, education, your neighborhood, health and even focusing on tedious tasks. I always like to check out what houses Mercury rules by checking to see what planet Gemini and Virgo fall in. I usually will then study the affects of Mercury as a whole when relating to my own personal chart. Mercury will always affect two houses in your chart so it will take double affect for you. Mercury is the ruling planet for the 3rd house of sibling and neighbors and 6th house of work, service and health. If your own natal/birth chart it may be a bit different. Mercury will make you communicate in many ways because it loves to communicate and talk. Electronics is ruled by Uranus-the form of communication. Mercury just tells you to reach out to others.

Mars: Ruler of Aries. I love Mars because it gives us energy. You will work hard and feel motivated to get the job done. You will notice yourself investing time and effort to advance in your work or even at school. You will use Mars to get you motivated to exercise, play sports or just get projects done around the home. Mars just gets the work done. Mars rules your 1st house of self or who you are as a person. For women, Mars let's me know the type of male partner you seek in loving relationships and marriage.

Jupiter: Ruler of Sagittarius. Optimistic and positive are keywords I think of when I see Jupiter. It is the planet of luck and opportunities. Jupiter loves to give expect when it's retrograding. Sagittarians usually have a positive way of looking at life and it's all due to Jupiter. Everything everything works itself out. I have noticed many times in chart when Jupiter affects a personal planet it brings money, job offers and love. Where is Jupiter right now in your sun sign? Find out here. Jupiter rules the 9th house in your birth chart.

Saturn: Ruler of Capricorn. Long term stability, security, hard work, labor and dedication. I like Saturn when it transits because it brings realistic opportunities. For instance Saturn makes you view life as it really is not through an illusion like Neptune sometimes does for you. You may have to work hard for it but you see wonderful results. On a negative side it can bring somber or depressed moods. Saturn is a reserved planet so it tends to make certain people reserved with their emotions especially people with a square or opposition of the moon. It can create realistic moments and views. I feel it's the planet that slaps us into reality. At the end we see what is truly their and not what we want to see. Ruler of your 10th house of career.

Neptune: Ruler of Pisces. It is the planet of fantasy, illusion, dreams, spiritual connections, soul mates and water. If I tell you that you will feel a strong connection to someone in your life that is because Neptune is supporting your chart. I have seen many times a Neptune transit affecting one's natal planet to bring long lasting results in that house. For instance if Neptune transits a personal planet in your 6th house then it can easily bring long term results connected to health or work projects. It may also begin a time in your life when you seek spiritual awareness and beliefs. Ruler of 12th house of secrets and solitude.

Pluto: Pluto is ruled by the sign of Scorpio. It is the slowest planet that brings transformation in your life. You will change a part of yourself or your life when you are experiencing a Pluto transit. You will think or feel differently. At the end of a transit you may be surprised of some of your own actions towards others or yourself. A Pluto transit can take up to 2 years to complete itself. I still consider Pluto a planet even though NASA has demoted it to some asteroid; body of mass type. Ruler of 8th house of joint resources, taxes, credit and other people's money and assets, gifts and rewards.

Uranus: Ruler of Aquarius. The planet that rules electronics, astrology, friends, excitement and anxiety. The reason why I ay it rules anxiety is because Uranus gives off electricity in the air. Many times people experience anxiety if the energy from Uranus is not handled correctly. You may feel excited because Uranus may be affecting one of your personal planets including Mars and Venus. You need to release this energy or else you may feel anxious or stressed. Astrology is also ruled by Uranus. I have a wonderful Uranus aspect in my chart which highlights my astrological studies. You may be affected by Uranus in ways to learn something new or surround yourself by new friends. Uranus rules computers and all electronic gadgets including cell phones and the internet. Uranus rules your 11th house of friendships and groups.

Chiron: Chiron is considered to be more of an asteroid than a planet. It's ruler is Virgo, the healer. Chiron is suppose to help heal old wounds including breakups and death. It falls in the realm of seeking therapy, meditation or even surgery to get rid of pain, rejection and other hurtful feelings in your life. It also is suppose to affect addictions. I do not use Chiron in my studies of charts as it seems no significant merit in my findings. Some astrologers use Chiron to help them with further research but I use my clairvoyant skills and talents to provide me with additional information.