Men and their egos


    Ever have this feeling that you know your husband loves you but he just wont say it. Its the intuition part of you that drives you into a frenzy. You know he cares but why is he so distant"How come he is close to me one day and the next he hates me..even saying cruel things to me."Well I"ll give you the answer...FEAR!!!! Yes even men have fears...fear of getting close..intimate. Not in a sexual way but in a romantic loving,nurturing way. It stems from a history of hurt,pain,anger,you name it.Talk about having a guard up.This guy has it all.The sad part is that he wont put his guard down...not even for you.


    Ok lets examine this. Here he was hurt as a kid maybe even past relationships. Is that your fault...NO!!!!So why does he make it your problem. You know your not going to hurt him. Why cant he accept that?He already categorized you that your going to do it anyways. Trying to convince him otherwise takes time and patience. I bet you didnt know how much patience you had till you met this guy. He is a good guy but dam how many months.. or even years do you have to wait. The answer lies within the one not even he knows how long this will take but EVERY little step you make is a step  closer to getting the big cake.


    No matter what you do...DO NOT push him away.all this will do is make you go back to step one..the beginning.If you were making progress once before.. now you just blew it. Time will tell with this guy but really its not your fault for his actions. He needs to realize that he needs to let go .Love hurts but thats also life. His past must of been painful but he needs to get over it. You mean well and you just want this great life for both of you.I wouldnt be surprised if YOU have a guard up yourself because he's got you being pulled in different directions that you dont know whats going to happen next. Your lost and you feel its easier to let go then to hang on.Hanging on is just to time consuming.And I AGREE. Whats the key to all of this.Patience is a killer.Hang in there,my dear.