Mercury Retrogrades

The planet of communication will effect everything from your computer, your internet service, the phone calls you make and even the vehicles you drive. Its a time to make sure you have the most upgraded anti virus software on your computer. Even begin to invest in adaware or anti spyware program. You may not have any problems with viruses and such but just sending or receiving an email can become a problem. You may have problems making or taking a phone call. You may experience problems with your phone or cell phone. Its a good time to make sure that all your flight plans are set in motion. I remember a couple times when I flew during a Mercury retrograde my flight was cancelled and I needed to take another flight. So many times you will find your flight schedule changes and you wont know till you get to the airport. Make sure you arrive at the airport early enough just in case any problems occur. Your car or truck may break down so if you can do before the retrograde make sure you get everything properly checked. Sometimes it maybe something new that comes up in your vehicle that needs to be fixed. Sometimes the retrograde can actually help in improving communication among people. Click here to read were exactly the retrograde will effect you.