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April 17, 2017


Finances and financial obligations are highlighted today. It seems to be a time for you to work hard and take care of tasks and projects. You do well to budget and save for the future. You may feel overwhelmed or frustrated especially if you have any bills or debts due.

I also want to mention that throughout the month of April there has been a main challenging aspect between Venus and Saturn. It does not help it's a square so this can make things seems a bit depressing. Yes, you will feel a weight on your shoulders but it can also help you to be restricted in love and finances. It may be a tough time but you have to start reinforcing and sticking to a budget or schedule. It is time to take care of obligations whether you are ready fro it or not. It's time to face an unhealthy relationship or time to move on. It may be time to look carefully and begin facing any issue or concern in a relationship. It may bring about a time for you to work hard to get ahead with finances.

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