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April 16, 2014-April 22, 2014


You may find love or fall in love on April 11th and 18th. You may give freely. You seek someone who you see as a soulmate or is spiritually connected to you. On April 17th and 22nd  the focus turns to taking long distance trips, foreign people and places. You may take a trip or plan a trip. It also seems to be a time for you to study and learn a new topic of interest. I feel this is a good time for you to expand your horizons and learn something new. You want to learn and do well for yourself and this is a time for you to spread your wings and learn. The Sun enters your partnership house on April 19th.  The next four weeks will bring a time for you to build a partnership with someone close including a spouse, lover, friend, business partner, coworker or employee. You may work closely with someone else to further your career or your own personal wants and needs. You may meet someone special at this time could be your future long-term committed partner including business partners. It would be a wonderful time for you to work out any issues or problems. You also want to keep an eye on April 18, 19, 20, 21st and 22nd to progress with communication, short trips, emails, phone calls and taking short trips out of town especially for business reasons.   On April 21st you seem to be breaking away from what has not been working in your life and seem to be open to breaking away with jobs or finding new ways to make money. You seek freedom and independence and this is a time for you to be your own individual self and grow. The energy from this day began 12 months ago and will continue for another 18 months so you are not done with finding your own individual self during this time.

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