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October 19, 2016-October 25, 2016


On October 19th communication increases through emails, text messages and phone calls. You want to be careful in traveling or driving as this cause accidents. The Sun enters your 2nd house of earned income on October 22nd. The next four weeks will bring a time for you to make more money and to find new ways to build financial security. You may receive a job offer or opportunity. It could be that you gain through a side venture and bring in more money. It is time for you to plan for your financial future and budget and save for the future. Mercury enters your own sign and house on October 24th will fall in your own sign giving you 3 weeks to see increase of communication. You will find yourself being mobile and active running around and getting things done. There will be errands and chores to complete. You seem busy and active so you will be preoccupied. On October 25th you seem to be giving more time and attention to those in need.


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