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August 20, 2014-August 26, 2014


On August 21st you seem to be busy studying and researching. You do well to study and work hard. You also do well to deal with the small details in a tasks, project or a test or exam. You do well to study and work hard too. The Sun enters your own sign on August 22nd which will give you for weeks to focus on yourself. It is going to be all about you and your own personal wants and needs. You may focus on getting healthier and losing weight. Your appearance may change or your personality seems vibrant and shines with other people around you. It will be a time to socialize and just meet people. They will enjoy being around you. The new moon on August 25th falls in your own sign and how for the next two weeks brings the time where you will receive attention and admiration. It's all about you and your personal wants and needs. Venus, Uranus, Mars and Saturn all support the new moons that this is the time for you to shine and be the center of attention. You do well at social events, parties, networking and building connections for your career or personal relationships. You will make new friends and it will be a great time for you to get out and meet new people. It's going to be a very exciting time for you so this will be a time to keep busy and have a little fun. You also seem to be working hard but may run into some new people in the process. I feel this will also be a time for you to get out and explore new people and places. You seem to be open to getting out and going out and building new connections. It will not be boring time for you to expect plenty of activity and energy of fun.

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