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May 4, 2016-May 10, 2016


You may be feeling a little sad on May 4th. It could also be that you are feeling overwhelmed or have many obligations to take care of at this time. The new moon on May 6th falls in your partnership house. The next two weeks will bring a time for you to possibly collaborate or build the partnership or relationship. You may collaborate on a work project. It could be that you need to have collaborations with others in order to advancing your career or to build more connections. Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto all support the new moon as this can be a very positive time to build connections that can help you grow and prosper financially. You could get engaged or get married. You could also meet someone significant that will be with you long term. You may be focusing on communication, transportation, siblings and neighbors on May 7th. It seems to be a time for you to see an increase of communication with siblings, and neighbors. You may see an increase of emails, text messages and phones.

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