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May 20, 2015-May 26, 2015


Your career is highlighted on May 20th. It seems to be a time for you to pursue career projects. You may receive a job offer or opportunity to make more money. You can expect to work hard or hard for the money or the same pay. You may feel tired and drained but you will manage and get through any challenge thrown at you. The Sun will also enter your eighth house on May 21st giving you four weeks to focus on financial and material matters relating to taxes, credit, loans, child support, alimony, bonuses, commission, settlement and any other financial obligations to others or to yourself. You may have to focus on taking care of any duties and obligations relating to a divorce or partnership. It could be used in connection to taxes, credit cards and loans. Love and relationships are highlighted on May 25th. You may find love or fall in love. You may meet someone new that you fall in love. You will also be selfless and giving towards a lover, partner or child. You will also be artistic and creative so this is a great time to write, craft and create a project. I would just say as a warning to look out and not be deceived as you show vulnerability too.

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