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Soul Mates


I always get asked question about "is this my soul mate". Many times we want to feel that we are part of something whole and something complete because we don't want to go through life always looking for the "right one". Here's a few facts that need to be understood when it comes to soul mates. We really don't have a number of soul mates and many feel that there is only ONE soul mate in our life. We usually have at least 2 soul mates in our lifetime. I don't believe that we have more than 3 soul mates. You may have that one friend that always tells you "this is the one" then a few months later there she is questioning what went wrong. "I thought he was my soul mate". What you are caught in is more of a delusion than an actual soul connection. The number of times that I have conducted astrology readings for couples I have discovered some factors that do bring a soul mate connection.

If there is a Mercury/moon linkage many times this brings telepathic connection. You "know" what the other person is doing without being around them. You just know something is going on even though they haven't said a word about it. There will also be a moon/Neptune linkage and many times there is an empathetic quality to the person your dealing with. What this does is it makes you feel the other person. If they are depressed, trust me, you will definitely pick it up and it may even make you feel depressed at times. If one person Sun is linked with the other's moon not only do you understand one another but you also are in tune with each other. Now remember all this can be found if I conduct a astrology reading for you.

Astrology & Clairvoyant Reading


Now lets focus on other issues beyond astrology. When I give readings to find out if the person if  spiritually connected I usually tune into the person aura. If the aura is not good at all then most likely this person is not a soul mate. When you  are both soul mates there will be a strong positive energy between the 2 people. If one energy is dark or black then this person will be abusive, negative, or selfish in their own terms to control the relationship. Again, not a good indication of a soul mate. You must understand that if the person is negative this person can be a good partner but not a soul mate. The difference is that a good partner may understand you but won't compromise or be compassionate with you. The soul mate has to feel every ounce of your soul to be your soul mate. That person will call you when you were just thinking about them. The person will go to the extent of working problems out in a relationship because they are getting into your soul to empathize with you. They will go to the beyond to help you out in life.

I have heard of many couples who have made it through so many obstacles because they felt it in their heart to make the relationship work. This is a soul mate. You "feel" each other. It is true that many time you will just know that this person is the one because you would of felt a past connection from them. This brings me to sign of a soul mate.


           Signs of a soul mate

  • -automatic chemistry between you and the other person

  • -you click from the first time you meet

  • -you share some past experience (same home town, childhood school, beliefs)

  • this is different from having things in common, something like grew up on same street but never met each other

  • -Sometimes having a perception of the "ideal person" then meeting them years later. (sometimes 20-30 years later)

  • -having the planet Jupiter pass through your 1st house, 5th house or even your 7th house. (a chart reading would have to be done for this one)

  • -the sign and house that rules your seventh house of marriage and partners will also describe your soul mate (again, I would have to conduct an astrology reading)

  • -you read each other or have telepathic connections


  • I know there are other ways to determine a soul mate but many times it comes from your own intuition. Even though sometimes our own intuition will fool us that why I conduct astrology & psychic readings to determine fact from fiction.


Soul Mates VS Twin Souls

I know I'll get many people disagreeing with me on this belief but I feel I must clarify the meaning between Twin Souls and Soul Mates/. For one, I do not believe in the concept Twin Souls, I only believe in Soul Mates or some may call Karma Mates. A Twin soul is nearly "your twin". This person is identical to you. This person is NOT your Soul Mate. The difference when other psychics or astrologers tell you in regards to a twin soul, its usually someone who you will date, spend some time with, but not form a long lasting relationship. A soul Mate is someone who you share past lives with and you are in this current life continuing towards a certain goal or even to finish off a path that was begun many centuries ago.

The key word to Twin souls is "twins". Imagine living with someone identical to you. How boring can that be?  We all know in the real world of relationships there are differences, that's what keep the relationship alive.  You might be a neat freak yet your partner is a slob, etc. A twin soul may be mistaken for someone whom you share common goals, career paths, tastes in clothes, music, etc. A soul Mate you will have many of those traits but will also have many differences like the one I mentioned. There is a message that comes with your soul mate. A Twin Soul  can be your best friend from school or a neighbor you get along so well. Be careful when you hear these 2 words as they can be quite confusing. I only believe in Soul Mate or Spiritual connection. The best way to identify a Soul Mate is you can never get rid of them yet a Twin Soul, that person can be in your life for a brief period of time then they disappear....sometimes for good.