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Five Stages of Grief
Stage 1-Denial and Isolation
Stage 2-Anger
Stage 3-Bargaining                             Stage 4-Depression                            Stage 5-Acceptance




Stage 1-Denial and Isolation

When we suffer a loss we grieve. A loss can be the loss of a job, the loss of a family member or even the loss of a relationship including breakups and divorces. Grief occurs in different stages. They are:

Stage One Denial and Isolation

Stage 2:Anger

Stage 3: Bargaining

Stage 4: Depression

Stage 5: Acceptance

Today we will discuss Stage One-Denial and Isolation.

When you first hear about the loss you will experience denial. You may try to convince yourself that the situation is temporary or not in existence at all. It could be that you try to isolate yourself from the situation so you do not have to face the realities of the issue. If you have suffered the death of a family member you may experience denial and isolation or even numbness. It may be easier for you to handle the loss by isolating yourself with alcohol or drugs. Feeling in denial about the situation will just hold you back from the reality of the situation. It may even make you feel delusional.

Take time for yourself to seek counseling or therapy. You may need advice from a counselor or advisor. It is the time to talk your emotions and feelings. You need to express your moods or else you will seclude yourself. It is not the time to seek seclusion. You want to make time for other people in your life including friends and family. Your friends will be open to supporting you and helping you but the support from a counselor or advisor can really help you out too.

Grieving takes time. There is no time line when you should stop grieving. I still grieve at times about the loss of my cat 8 years ago. It can easily creep up on you at unexpected times. If you suffered the loss of a relationship then you may experience denial that the breakup has occurred. You may even feel that giving the situation some time may just bring the other person back---and it very well may be possible. You have to still realize that a breakup or ending has occurred no matter what the future brings for you. It can be difficult to deal with so try not to drain your sorrows in drugs or alcohol even though many times its easier to not feel pain or depression.

The best way to handle the denial and isolation stage of grief is by facing what is in front of you. If you cannot contact that person anymore then realize the truth behind it. If you notice that your loved one is not with you in person or on a daily basis then realistically a loss has occurred. Face reality and you will begin facing the next stage of grief.



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