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Five Stages of Grief
Stage 1-Denial and Isolation
Stage 2-Anger
Stage 3-Bargaining                             Stage 4-Depression                            Stage 5-Acceptance



Stage 3-Bargaining


The first stage of grief you may have experienced denial of the trauma or incident. You may believe the break up is just temporary because your lover is angry at you at the time. He/she will eventually come back or that the death is just the person in a coma. Many of these beliefs come from being in denial of the situation. The second stage of grief is anger. You may have experienced anger as to why the person broke up with you or left you. They may have left you through death and feel anger that they left too soon. It could anger towards a lover of feeling betrayed. You may even feel betrayal with a friend or business partner. Anger will easily come and go and you may experience this stage for months. The third stage of grief is bargaining.

Bargaining is when you begin to question everything that occurred and how possibly you could have changed it. You may ask yourself " What if I was a better person? I should of done this or that? Maybe if I did this I would of had that person around me still at this time. When you begin to question your motives then you are trying to justify the deed. You may not realize that the incident occurred for a reason. The person may have been so ill that not anyone or anything would of saved them. The relationship may have been so unstable that it was already breaking apart for awhile. You may not realize that these issues are issues that may not have been salvageable. You may be asking yourself so mmany different questions that you believe would have brought a different outcome that you will over see what was already in front of you.

The best way to handle this stage of grief is to stop questioning everything around you. It is what it is and you have to realize that anything different would not have made much of a difference in a situation that was already falling apart. This is also the stage were people carry much guilt for issues that they believed could of been changed during the relationship. As we grow up we discover that we can only change so much of ourselves in order to life a healthier and happier life. If we question everythign in our lives and try to live on questins and guilt we will never become happy with ourselves. We can improve our spirits and minds that will allow us to improve our future relationships. You want to recognize that during this stage of grief you need to use the opportunity as a guide to growth and maturity in your life. You don't want to live in denial or in anger. You also don't want to live in guilt. Accept what life has taught you and learnt o become a better you and you will begin tthe next stage of grief.



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