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Five Stages of Grief
Stage 1-Denial and Isolation
Stage 2-Anger
Stage 3-Bargaining                             Stage 4-Depression                            Stage 5-Acceptance




Stage 5- Acceptance

The final stage of grief is acceptance. It is the stage when after experiencing the first stage of grief known as denial then you experienced anger, bargaining and depression, you have finally gotten to the last stage. Accepting the breakup or ending of one part of your life can be difficult. It is the part of grief that can take several month if not over a year to accomplish. You may finally be able to accept that the death has occurred and are ready to move on with your life. You may finally decided to accept the relationship has ended and have decided to meet other people. Acceptance is tough to accomplish because it is having to admit to yourself that it is over. Let me describe for you what you can do during this stage of grief.

For one try to recognize the positive and negatives of the situation. We all experience some type of death in our lives on a regular bases. The death may be a relationship or the death of a family member.

Surround yourself with family and friends and spend time with them. Do not try to rush into another relationship because you fear loneliness. Take time for you.

Invest time in projects such as taking classes or learning a new hobby. You could also do this with family and friends.

Invest your time in some therapy. I always lecture this to many people about therapy. Even though you have gone through the stages of grief you may still feel that you have some unanswered questions. Sometimes therapy will help you to get those answers.

Give yourself time. Make sure to give yourself time to just be you. Do not feel that you have to be the superman or women out there taking care of everyone else's problems. This time let it be about you.

When that time comes and you are ready to get back out there then do so but do not rush yourself into something that you are not ready for. Everything will work itself out in time and you will feel stronger and secure. Good luck.



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