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The Venus Retrograde

July 23, 2023-September 3, 2023

This retrograde deserves a page on it's own because of the powerful effects this one planet can create. I know one of your main concerns when calling me is about love, romance, friendships, and money. Well this planet effects all these subjects. When we think of a Mercury retrograde we think , schedules, transportation, computers and how we think. When Venus retrogrades it can stir up more drama then what Mercury and all the other planets combined when they go retrograde. This page will discuss the possible effects of the Venus retrograde. Also I will discuss how to prevent yourself from creating more harm during this retrograde cycle. So let's begin.

Venus is the planet ruler of Libra and Taurus

Venus Retrograde: Love Relationships

Venus, is the planet that rules love and relationship. It's the planet that allows us to feel giddy and romantic. Usually you need Neptune to help increase these same emotions but with Venus alone, it can do a lot of work with our feelings. Venus wants us to be with another individual to feel part of something. When Venus retrogrades it loses this feeling of wanting to feel complete. Remember in Jerry Maguire "you complete me" Well during this retrograde it's more like " you don't complete me"  A relationship including a marriage may come to an end during this Venus retrograde. What was once part of your life now seems to have lost its touch. You don't need this person anymore or the other person does not want you in their life. You may even hear of the other individual moving on with someone else. They have grown to want something else or something different in their love life. You may feel lost. Both my marriage and a committed relationship I had in the past ended during a Venus retrograde.

I am not saying that everyone will have a relationship end. The relationship itself had to have been rocky prior to the retrograde occurring. The retrograde just gave it the added boost to have it come to a complete end.  As I said before, Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Libra so this will effect those who are born with one of those two sign or have one of those two signs as your rising sign or Ascendant.

I know this can be a scary thought that a relationship may come to an end. If it does then please be aware the chance of a relationship working out in the long run will be small. Don't feel bad, many times we don't see the answers as to why it came to an end at the moment. We usually get our answers months later if not years later.


How to prevent a relationship from ending before a Venus retrograde


--Communicate about the problems beforehand

--Simply ask "what do you want from me? Where do we stand? Do you see me in your future? Or in the present?

--How do you know your ready for a committed relationship?

--Are you ready for a committed relationship?

Many of these answers can provide you with the knowledge if your wasting your time with someone or if you know the retrograde cycle will just help you along the way to let go. Yes its tough to face but you will have the answer in front of you once these questions are brought in the open. Sometimes its tough but you would rather know now then let Venus retrograde do the job for you.

Venus Retrograde: Dating

I think the Venus retrograde helps those who are out in the dating world. When you think about it it's not like you have a relationship to worry about so at it's worst or best it will simply bring someone in your direction.  When you are out in the dating world this could simply make you become more aware of the people out their who are wanting to settle down. This can make you focus on your past and future. You may find yourself being more aware of the losers or even the crazy women you dated in the past. You are now aware and more alert. At it's best you feel more love towards those around you. You may finally see a friends transform to a lover. You will be more willing to accept this person as more then just a friend. You are ready for it. This could be a test of how you handle the new people in your life. Is this person you are considering suited for you or can you just be settling. You may feel more demanding of your needs even with someone whom you are dating but has not promised you an exclusive relationship. It's time to get the cards out on the table and ask the questions I stated above.

If you feel you are running out of luck finding the right person then you may feel alone at this time. A time to look back as to why you have been running into the wrong people. It's time to change your outlook on dating and whom you are dating. Have you been holding onto the wrong person? perhaps hoping someone will come back so you don't allow anyone else into your life to love. Many times we say we want a relationship yet when someone provides it for us, we reject the opportunity. What is holding you back can bring you the answer during this retrograde cycle. If you need to let go of the old to make way for the new then do so and don't hold back. Fear always holds us back from happiness.

Venus Retrograde: Money and Possessions

Venus also rules money and what we value in our lives including property and other valuable possessions. This is also important during the Venus retrograde. NEVER buy a car, a house or any major property or material possession during a Venus retrograde UNLESS you want things to go wrong with your purchase afterwards. I have seen too many examples of people purchasing a car during a Venus retrograde only to have major car problems throughout the time of ownership. You may be stuck with constant repairs and high repair bills. If you purchase a home their could be problems afterwards. You could have inspections done and everything looks fine but once you move in everything goes wrong. This may not have anything to do with the home but with your surroundings. Maybe your neighbors are crooks or drug dealers. Perhaps you find out that the schools or parks are suffering financially. Just be aware of the problems. This could also include just getting a new apartment. If you don't believe me about holding off on making any major purchase then see what happens once you make your purchase. Just don't say I did not warn you.

How to prevent problems from occurring with a major purchase

--Hold off making a purchase during a Venus retrograde

--Find out if any repairs are needed and HOW MUCH it will cost you

--If purchasing a "fixer upper" home make sure you are aware of all problems . You may even want to replace items in the house that may not need to be replaced but are rusting or aging.

--Ask many questions as possible

--If you notice problems offhand save yourself the heart ache and find another car, house, property that is better suited for you and with less maintenance.

Venus Retrograde: Cosmetic and Beauty

Venus also rules the beautiful things in life including how we dress, the make up we wear, the hair style we want and color we prefer. It rules our presence to others. If we bat our eyelashes we use Venus to give us charisma. When we look into a new hairstyle or decide to get a manicure we use Venus to decide what works best for us. For many of you Venus was a source of help when you decided to get liposuction, botox, or other cosmetic surgery. Well when we experience a Venus retrograde you want to hold off on any cosmetic surgery at all.

Never get cosmetic surgery during a Venus retrograde

Never get a new manicurist, hairstylist, or hair style during a Venus retrograde including hair coloring.

Hold off on getting a tattoo or piercing

Don't get a whole new wardrobe

Just be aware anything relating to your looks (UNLESS you have already been working with the same person doing the same procedures) should you hold off till the Venus retrograde cycle comes to an end.

I hope that I have helped you to prepare yourself for this Venus retrograde. If you read your sun sign horoscope you will have a pretty good idea how you will be effected by this retrograde. Ordering a personalized astrology reading can help to narrow down were and how this retrograde cycle will help or work against you. Good luck with this retrograde cycle.